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Today we’re straightening wigs. Please notice English is not my native language, so you might run into spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. I’m really sorry and hope you’re able to understand it anyways. If you run into any kind of problems while reading feel free to drop me an ask.

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Fionna Cosplay By Kyu

Photo By Arvalus

Follow cosplayfanatics for more cosplay

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Easiest skirt in history! You need 42”x42” fabric and enough 1” or 2” elastic  to go around your waist.

1. CUT

Fold the fabric in 4 and cut a nice curve. To cut the inside curve, use this chart.

2. HEM

Roll the end of the fabric over your finger and stitch.


Cut the elastic to the width of your waist. Stitch ends together to create a loop. use pins to help line it up with your fabric


Stitch the elastic to the fabric and… you’re already done!

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idk i’ve been struggling finding resources for certain things so i thought i’d pool them in case anyone else needs them too

How To Cosplay: Make A Sailor Fuku (School Uniform)! 
How to: Pleated Skirt - YouTube
Simple Tie
ircle Skirt
Ore-Tied Obi
How To Make a Hakama

wigs and wig treatment
Care for a Wig
Wig Styling Walkthrough
Cut Bangs on Wig
Gravity Defying Bangs
Cleaning a Wig
Detangling + Washing
Jessie - Pokemon, building on a wig
Huge Curls
Layering a Wig
Long Hair Under Wig
Straighten a Spikey Wig
Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji
Sasuke - Naruto

How to Apply Eyeliner
How to Apply Blush
How to Apply Liquid Foundation
Flawless Skin With Makeup
Airbrush Makeup
Acne Covering Makeup
Girl / Boy Makeup
6 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School
How to Apply Contour Makeup
Grell Sutcliff Makeup Tutorial
Eyebrow Covering
Bishounen (Pretty Boy) Makeup
Fake Facial Hair

wounds ect
Fake Wounds / Scar
Mello Scar Makeup
Scrapes & Bruises
Gouged Eye Makeup
8 Fake Blood Recipes
No-Cook Edible Fake Blood

Make a Temporary Tattoo
How To Conceal Tattoos
Sebastian Contract Symbol - Black Butler

wow i really hope this helped people like it helped me!

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I did a little write up on different wig dyeing methods and I figured the best way to display it is a flow chart.

Use this along with my blog post here for more info, tutorial links, pros/cons, and sample results/notes.

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The fantastic cosplay of Lunnaya Nadedja

Cosplay truly is an art.

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Frozen: Snow Queen Elsa & Jack Frost

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This Worbla tutorial by BllackSheep is an ingenious method to creating 3d texture on your Worbla armor! +fav the original here.

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My activity page is nothing but notes on that wonderflex/worbla/craft foam link.

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Kyoukai no Kanata (境界の彼方) ~ Mirai Kuriyama (栗山 未来) [x][y]