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Shingeki no Kyojin - Eren Jaeger cosplay 2 by Ashitaro

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And don’t underestimate the importance of BODY LANGUAGE
Cosplayer: srawr
The Little Mermaid
ACEN 2014


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Satsuki-sama by AlienOrihara

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This post is for those of you who are interested in buying coloured contact lenses (whether it be for fashion, cosplay, or every day wear) but are reluctant to do so for safety concerns.

GEO Medical (with side-brands GEOLICA and GEO Xtra) is the first brand of circle lenses to be US FDA approved (and therefore they are legally able to be sold in the US). 

These lenses have also been approved by multiple other countries; some certificates and the names of the countries (and their health boards) are listed here.

I wanted to recommend this brand of lenses to anyone cautious, as I have a pair myself and find them to be incredibly comfortable.

(The lenses I purchased were GEO Medical Aqua Blue for my Eren Jaeger cosplay.)

From what I’ve seen, GEO’s lenses come in sizes roughly from 14.2mm-15mm, sure to give you the dolly/big-eyed effect you may be looking for.

Some of these lenses also come in prescriptions from 0.00 to -10.00 (although some, like myself, choose to get them without). Before you put your lenses in your shopping cart, you’ll be asked to select your prescription power.

My favourite lens store at the moment is UNIQSO, who have a large selection of GEO lenses. You’ll be able to find pretty much any colour you’re looking for. The different GEO brands can be found on their site with the links near the top, but they can also be found through the brand search.

Keep an eye out for UNIQSO’s current promotions and deals here!

I hope I could help you out in your search for safer lenses! Please feel free to ask me for help finding any lenses you may need.

Lenses shown above:

Note: PLEASE take caution when wearing lenses, even if they are safe/have been approved by your country’s health board. As with any contact lens (circle lenses or otherwise), it is still important to take precautions for your own safety (i.e. cleaning your lenses with solution frequently, not wearing them for extensive periods of time/to sleep, etc). 

Like usual, I forgot to mention: if you use the code “animeadult”, you get 10% off of your total purchase!

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Asuka Plugsuit by LoliSakura

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I said I’d write up a tutorial on how to make these wings. It’ll be terrible So, here goes. XD

Have one or two friends to help you out. It’s easier with more hands.


Thin poster board. (For small wings you will need 3 pieces. For wings like this you will need 6)

Opal cellophane. (two rolls to be safe)

Adhesive glue.


Wire cutters.

Exacto knife. (I recommended using this for cutting out the poster board)

Hot glue gun.

3 Hanger wires (it’s super sturdy)

Pencil, and eraser.



Step one:

Find a reference photo! These wings are meant for a Periwinkle cosplay but since her and Tinkerbell have the same wings we used Tink as a reference.

Step Two:

Since we made our wings super large we had to glue two pieces of poster board together. This is why I said 6 pieces for large wings. Reason why is because of their size just one piece would make it droop. So before drawing the design on you spray one piece with adhesive and put the other piece on top of it. Making it as even as possible.

If you’re making smaller wings just go to step three!

Step Three:

Draw your design on the poster board. We drew ours on from corner to corner (diagonally) If you want smaller wings I recommend drawing it from corner to the the middle of the board.

Step four:

This is the most tedious of all the steps to making wings. Take your exact o knife and start cutting. You cut around the design but make sure to cut half an inch away from the line. You can go back later to make it thinner if you want. Using one poster board will take less time then two since it isn’t as thick.

Make sure there is something underneath the board so you don’t damage your floor.

Step Five: (not necessary but who says no to glitter)

We’re obsessed with glitter. So naturally we coated both sides of the design with white glitter. We used adhesive for this as well.

Step Six: (Smaller wings don’t need this but if you want to add it then go ahead!)

Take your wire hanger and bend it out so it’s the same shape of the wing that will be the closest to your back. Glue the wire down about 7 inches down from the tip of the wing. Most of the support is needed in the middle, and bottom of the wing.

Let some of the wire hang out of the bottom about four inches so you can connect the harness.

Step Seven

Roll out the cellophane to go over the wings. One piece for each side. Spray adhesive to the wing first and then gently place the cellophane over it. I recommend having someone help you with this part because adhesive is a pain when something goes wrong.

Do this for both the big wing, and the smaller one. Make sure the cellophane is over the wing evenly. Pat out any bubbles it may have.

Step Eight:

When both sides have cellophane on it take your iron and make sure it’s on a low setting. You don’t want it to burn or melt the cellophane. Gently go over the wing, and even it out as much as possible. There will be some bubbles, and such but think of it being more realistic.

Step Nine:

Cut off any excessive cellophane but leave some near the veins and by the wire. If it’s to short the cellophane will come apart. We left little less then half an inch.

Step Nine:

Take the adhesive to glue the little wing to the bigger one. You want to make sure you glue it on the inside.

Step Ten:

Use another wire hanger and bend it into a rectangle. Wire hanger is tough to bend so you’re going to have to use your inner strength. Cut off any excess wire with a wire cutter. Cover it with electrical tape so it becomes sturdier.

Step Eleven:

Line up the wing wire with the harness wire at the spot where it’s needed. Take the wing and connect it to the harness. Using electrical tape to keep the two of them together. Cut off an excess wire so it doesn’t dig into the wearers back.

Alas you have fairy wings!! I hope this helps a bit T-T Have fun!

Tip: You may have to cut a slit in the back of your outfit for the wings to slip into. Wearing a bra helps because it goes underneath it.

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Hey guys, so I’m gonna delve a little bit into my process of planning a cosplay. Something that I think is pretty important and can be often overlooked is scaling your cosplay or prop to fit you. There are lot’s of methods on how to do this, but I’ll be sharing mine. 

*For this example, I’m going to show you how I scaled my Holy Blade (from Sailor Moon) for my Serenity cosplay.

Things you’ll need:

  • measuring tape
  • a ruler or yardstick
  • calculator (optional)
  • paper and pen/pencil
  • reference images

Step 1:

First, you’re of course going to want reference images of what you want to scale to fit your size. Obviously in the case of your prop you want as many close up shots for detail as possible. However, I’m going to stress that you look for an image with either your character holding the prop, or if you can somehow manage, a side by side image of your character and their prop. 



(Images like these are incredibly helpful)

Step 2: 

Next, you’re going to want to measure the distance from the top of your head to your chin. For this example, I’m going to be saying the measurement came out to 10”. Keep your measurement written down somewhere so you don’t forget it later.


Now, using your measuring tape again, measure your characters head. Let’s say Sailor Venus’ head was 1” from her chin to the top of her head.


This means, that our conversion rate is 10” to every 1” we measure in our reference image.


Let’s say the Holy Blade measures roughly 4 1/2”, that means our sword should be 45”.


However, in my case those extra 10” would have made this ridiculous to carry around the convention floor. So in some cases you might find an accurate sized prop might be too large to work with. That’s fine, just fudge a little! 

You can apply this method to scale out things other then props too. Things like wings, dress trains, tails, and other cosplay parts can be broken down with this method.I hope this was helpful, and good luck cosplaying!

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This Week In Cosplay:  July 28th - Aug 4th, 2014

[Last Week in Cosplay

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Video Masterpost for Beginner Cosplayers | Wigs →


I was suppose to post this before San Japan but I ended up forgetting! I’m so sorry ; n ; I’m not sure if I’ll do other categories? All videos belong to their respective owners and they all link to Youtube!

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